3 Suggestions To Get You Through Denver’s Hail Season 3 Suggestions To Get You Through Denver’s Hail Season

3 Suggestions To Get You Through Denver’s Hail Season

Yup, it is hail season--still. Although July here in Denver tends to be one of the worst months for hail storms and hail damage--August is not a dream either.

Yup, it is hail season–still. Although July here in Denver tends to be one of the worst months for hail storms and hail damage–August is not a dream either. In Colorado, we get well over 300 hail events each year–meaning more than one per day during hail season. So, if you want to avoid the trouble that getting hit with hail brings, you may want to take some actions before the August storms. While you cannot do anything about the fact that Colorado, including right here in Denver, gets the third most hail in the country, you can be prepared. So what exactly can you do? Read our three simple ideas below. 

  1. Get comprehensive coverage for your vehicle : This may seem like a no brainer but the fact of the matter is–many Denverites forgo this insurance option. While it does reduce the cost of your insurance to waive comprehensive coverage, in a place like Denver it almost always will end up costing you more money in the long run. You see, comprehensive insurance covers things like an “act of God” which is what hail damage is considered. So when you have this type of insurance, you simply need to document the damage and file a claim with your insurance company to get it repaired. When you come to a PDR pro like us here at United Hail Pros, we can usually take care of it all for you! So you don’t need to deal with your insurance company at all.
  2.  Find a paintless dent repair shop you trust: It may seem like a waster of time to research hail specialists in Denver before you even get hit by hail but it could really pay off. You see, not all hail specialists are the same. Some offer paintless dent repair–some don’t and frankly, PDR is the best way to fix hail damage to your car. Furthermore, a repair specialist like us, who offers free valet service, car pick up and drop off and even free rentals, is a good company to know. This means, if your car gets hit by Denver’s infamous hail, you won’t miss a step. All you need to do is make a call or send out an email to us here at United Hail Pros and the rest is taken care of by us!
  3.  Clean out that garage: Ok, this one is a tough one because let’s face it–we all have a lot of stuff. Plus, living in Denver is getting expensive and a lot of people are moving to small places and need to use their garage for storage. But the fact of the matter is, having the garage of your Denver home free and parking your car in it, is the best way to avoid hail. Sure, there is nothing you can do when you are out on the road or parked in an exposed lot at work, but at home the choice is yours. So, perhaps getting out there each spring and clearing out the clutter in your garage is the best way to have peace of mind that you are prepared for Denver’s hail season!
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