All The Ways Your DIY Hail Repair Could Go Horribly Wrong All The Ways Your DIY Hail Repair Could Go Horribly Wrong

All The Ways Your DIY Hail Repair Could Go Horribly Wrong

In a day and age where you can google nearly anything--the new craze is for sure DIY

In a day and age where you can google nearly anything–the new craze is for sure DIY. You can find a tutorial for nearly any service or product out there and presumably find a way to do it yourself. While it is true that DIY type projects can save you money–they oftentimes cost you time. In some cases, this is an acceptable trade-off. However, when it comes to hail damage repair, the chances are it is going to cost you time and money, it won’t work and likely make the damage on your Denver car worse.

DIY Hail Removal Methods and Why They Won’t Work

DIY Hail Damage Removal Method 1: The Hair Dryer Method

The idea here is to apply heat with a blow dryer and pop the dents out using cold compressed air once the surface is hot enough. Besides the fact that the hairdryer won’t get the metal on your car hot enough–does using extreme heat and cold on your car’s paint job sound like a good idea? It is not. It’s gonna leave a mark for sure.

DIY Hail Damage Removal Method 2: The Dry Ice Method

This pseudo-science method involves using dry ice to bang out small yet significant dents from hail. It again involves rapid heating and cooling to get the metal to expand and contract. In this method, if you get a result at all, it will likely only be partial. Oh yeah, and another thing– the time and money it costs you to find and acquire dry ice–is far more than just having us do PDR for you. So there is that.

DIY Hail Damage Removal Method 3: TheDent Repair Kit Method

Everybody has something to sell you to make you a DIY pro–and hail repair kits are no different. Should you decide to go this route, you will likely get a hail removal tool kit with 40 some odd tools in it. Equipped with a ton of tools and little or no skills or idea on how to use any of them correctly, you likely risk making the problem worse–like a lot worse. You will likely leave your paint job in shambles and still full of dents. Furthermore, in the time it takes you to get the kit and read the directions–we would have your car in and out of our shop at United Hail Pros.

So, why don’t you save yourself some time, money, aggravation and garage space and just get rid of hail damage on your Denver car the old-fashioned way–PDR. Contact us at United Hail Pros in Denver today for details on how to get this done without a dime out of pocket.

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