What to Do If You See a Scratch on Rental Car Due to Hail? What to Do If You See a Scratch on Rental Car Due to Hail?

What to Do If You See a Scratch on Rental Car Due to Hail?

Most people might panic at the sight of a scratch on rental car. But what should be your course of action if your rental car has been damaged due to hail? Find out in this article.

Even the thought of a scratch on rental car might make people shudder; however, car hail damage repair does not have to cost you if you have insurance coverage for the damage and the loss was not a result of your negligence. If you’re here after googling things like “what happens if you damage a rental car,” you’ll find all the information you need to deal with rental car windshield crack repair and more.

Damage to rental cars does not have to be a drain on your wallet. The whole enterprise of car insurance is built upon covering for such losses in the stead of the insurance carrier.

And as always, United Hail Pros are here to help!

 Dented car hood; what happens if you total a rental car?

What to Do in the Case of Rental Car Hail Damage

Most people frantically look through the search results pages for queries like “rental car damage not my fault" and more, but the whole process is not troublesome if you have insurance coverage. You can file a rental car hail damage claim with your insurance provider and get all the damages covered without having to pay out of pocket.

Evaluate the Damage

Before you go on and seek hail damage car insurance coverage for scratches or windshield damage, your priority should be to assess the damage. Take photos and record videos as documented evidence to back your claim for hail damage.

Get Roadside Assistance

If you’re all by yourself, stressing about the situation won’t do you much good.

Some people often busy themselves with worry over things like “what happens if you damage a rental car without insurance,” but this is not something you should busy yourself with at the moment. Right now, you’ll need help, so ask for it.

Rental car windshield chip due to hail

Get Hail Damage Inspection

Next, you’ll have to get an expert on board for rental car windshield chip inspection to fill in any gaps left by your early assessment and to document the losses.

File an Insurance Claim

If you do have insurance coverage and no share in the liability of the damages, you'll have to report the incident to them and ask for all the details they can offer, such as: what happens if you total a rental car? The cover of your insurance policy will take the burden off your shoulders.

Schedule Damage Repair

Lastly, you’ll have to get your insurance provider on board and get the dent in rental car repaired. You should carefully select who you offer the join to, based on the budget and the fineness of the services. The professional team will take care of the rest, and hopefully, the insurance provider will, after affirming that you were not at fault, reimburse you for the cost.

Hail damage on a car; what is the rental car scratch cost?

Call Us to Handle Your Rental Car Damage Situation

The rental car scratch cost is not excessive. If your insurance provider agrees to cover the costs, then it won’t cost you at all. If you were wondering what happens if you dent a rental car, then this article most probably answered your queries.

United Hail Pros is a premium dent repair company and offers a team of professionals who can handle your hail-dented car repair in Colorado. 

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