Identify Common Dent Repair Scams In Denver & Beyond Identify Common Dent Repair Scams In Denver & Beyond

Identify Common Dent Repair Scams In Denver & Beyond

At United Hail Pros, we know how to recognize dent repair scams and what can be the outcome of using such services. Check out some common schemes and stay safe.

In a state like Colorado, in cities like Denver, Lakewood, Aurora and the like, knowing what a hail repair scam could save you a lot of money. Like a lot, a lot. This is because dent repair scams reach far beyond the car hail damage repair cost and could affect the value of your car and cost you more in the long run. But what are hail repair scams and what should you look out for?

How to Spot a Gypsy Dent Repair 

Anyone Who Promises You Ultra Quick Hail Fixes is Scamming You: The fact of the matter is car hail repairs take time. Anyone who says they can do them in a parking lot while you go grocery shopping, is offering something too good to be true. Here at Unite Hail Pros, we can get universal auto hail repair in the Denver area done in as little as one day but it takes our professional set up and precise scheduling to make things move this seamlessly.

Anyone Who Approaches You In A Parking Lot Is Scamming You: A lot of car repair scams happen in large parking lots. They look for cars with hail damage and approach them with a promise of quick cheap repairs. Hail repairs cannot properly be done in a parking lot and the techniques they use will likely damage the paint and cause additional expenses.

Companies Without A Physical Location or Out of State Are Frauds: These people usually have no shoddy looking cards or no business cards at all. Many times they claim to be from out of state and have out of state numbers. They often say they have no physical location to help you save money. And while their rates may be tempting, it is in fact an auto repair ripoff because you pay for what you get, and you will probably keep on paying if you use this type of scam hail service. 

A Company That Only Takes Cash: If a company won’t accept insurance – they are likely an auto repair scam company. Additionally, if they only accept cash payments for their work they are definitely not legit. Reputable car dent repair shops work with insurance companies to cover hail damage and it is likely you will pay nothing out of pocket at all: cash, check, credit card or otherwise. 

At the end of the day, it is just better to go to a reputable company like us at United Hail Pros. Contact us today to schedule a one day hail repair in our shop!

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