Buying A Hail Damaged Car - Read on for Expert Tips Buying A Hail Damaged Car - Read on for Expert Tips

Buying A Hail Damaged Car - Read on for Expert Tips

Our experts sum up the crucial aspects of deals involving buying a car with hail damage to help you make wise decisions. Learn more about the entire process - from the estimate to resale value.

Here in Colorado where hail is pretty much a fact of life, so hail damaged vehicles for sale are pretty common. Especially since in this state, you can keep a totaled out car with hail damage if you buy it back from the insurance company at its damaged value. Many times people turn around and sell these cars as is. But is buying one a good idea or bad one? The answer is – it could be both. Read below to find out more about car hail damage repair options and buying tips.

Should You Buy a Car With Hail Damage?

Sometimes a hail-damaged car can be a fantastic deal but make sure you understand why it may not be. First of all, when you consider buying a used car with hail damage you want to make sure its appearance is the sole issue. Since Colorado has so many hail storms, people often will sell their junky cars after a hailstorm under the guise of having only aesthetic damage. This damage can be fixed relatively cheaply, that’s why many people buy hail damaged cars, then repair and sell them at a good profit. But, if the car has a bunch of other issues with the way it runs – you could end up losing your shirt in the deal. So, you are going to want to get the car checked by your trusted mechanic before buying it to make sure you are aware of the given hail damaged car value. 

Tips On Buying A Car With Hail Damage 

Sometimes the temptation to buy the ride of your dreams with only minor hail damage is overwhelming but there are a few things to keep in mind.  

  • Examine the car closely – there could be a lot more damage than you see at first glance. Two main questions you should be investigating are “How is hail damage assessed on a car?” and “Is it the only problem with this vehicle?” – both are crucial for accurate estimation. 
  • Have hail repairs made by a professional PDR specialist, whether we are talking about hail damage to a used or a new car. Since PDR is less expensive than traditional dent repair (and you will likely be paying out of pocket) this is definitely the best option for ridding yourself of damage. 
  • When engaging hail damage car dealerships, don’t waive a warranty to get a hail damaged car cheaper – these two issues are completely separate.
  • Talk to your insurance agent to make sure the car will still be eligible for comprehensive insurance.
  • Remember, if you are financing, you will need to find a lender that will finance a hail-damaged car.
  • Remember that the cost of the hail damage could affect the resale value down the road.

Should you choose to buy a car with hail damage to get a better deal – be sure to come to us at United Hail Pros company for your paintless dent repair needs. Contact us today to find out how much we may charge and the process for doing PDR not covered by an insurance claim.

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