Can Auto Hail Damage Wait for Repairs? Can Auto Hail Damage Wait for Repairs?

Can Auto Hail Damage Wait for Repairs?

It can definitely be easy to put things off especially when it comes to cosmetic repairs for your vehicle. As alerting as the damage may be when you first witness it, this often loses wind as you find your car driveable. While many of us experience this phenomenon, some cosmetic damage can definitely lead to larger, more costly issues. This is especially true for hail damage, making it important to prioritize repairs even if your car still drives well.

The Consequences of Waiting to Repair Auto Hail Damage

Hail season in Colorado can be pretty harsh, featuring severe, sporadic hail storms anywhere at any time. Many people underestimate the risk of getting more hail damage once they’ve already experienced it once. It is important to file a claim immediately after your first instance of hail damage. If your car falls victim to two hail storms and you only file a claim for the second incident, this is technically considered as insurance fraud. Another important thing to understand is that hail damage, regardless of how severe it is, can typically be fixed through paintless dent repair. This is the industry-leading method that ensures no factory warranties are jeopardized and is preferred by your auto insurance company. If you wait until your car receives more hail damage, it may no longer qualify for paintless dent repair.

Finding the Right Auto Hail Damage Repair Shop

Choosing the right auto body shop really makes all the difference in the outcome and success of your repair job. We recommend not letting proximity be the priority when it comes to repairing your hail damage. The experience, training, and expertise of the right auto body shop are pertinent since paintless dent repair is a highly specialized skill. We personally offer free concierge service to eliminate proximity issues from the equation.

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