Denver Hail Season: Hailstorm Frequency and Severity Denver Hail Season: Hailstorm Frequency and Severity

Denver Hail Season: Hailstorm Frequency and Severity

Hail season is closely approaching meaning it’s crucial for vehicle owners to have awareness regarding damaging hail and how it can impact your vehicle. Damaging hail is often characterized as anything larger than a quarter ins size and can be produced by any severe hailstorm. Denver experiences significant hailstorms that sometimes involve hail as large as a grapefruit. In order to prevent hail damage, knowing when hail season is as well as the frequency, can help vehicle owners make more informed decisions.

Hailstorm Season and Frequency in the Denver Metro Area

The typical hail season in Colorado takes place between mid-April to mid-August with at least three to four catastrophic hailstorms per hail season. With an average of seven to nine hail days per year, Colorado is part of “Hail Alley”. Denver typically experiences pea-sized to marble-sized hail but large thunderstorms can produce larger hail sizes. Any storm that produces severe thunder and lightning has the potential for producing hail, giving a good rule of thumb for vehicle owners to move their cars if possible. If you’re outside when a thunderstorm hits, you should definitely find immediate shelter. If you’re driving, pull your car next to a building or under an overhang can help avoid vehicle hail damage. Being prepared for a severe hailstorm can entail having cardboard in your car to shield your windows and windshield if you’re unable to find shelter for your vehicle.

Hail Damage Costs for Colorado Residents

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, Colorado has the second highest number of hail claims in the US. The most expensive hail storm to hit Colorado was on May 8, 2017– Denver sustained $2.3 billion in insured damage. Hailstorms have been fatal in the past, making it important to always put your safety first. Remember that hail damage is covered by car insurance, so prioritizing your safety over protecting your vehicle is crucial.For more information regarding Denver’s hail season, please contact us!

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