Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage? Here’s a Brief Breakdown Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage? Here’s a Brief Breakdown

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage? Here’s a Brief Breakdown

United Hail Pros is a company specialized in auto hail damage repair, whose specialists will prepare a fair and realistic estimate to help you rely on hail damage car insurance to recover your costs.

After a major hail storm, you have to cover several unexpected costs: broken windows, damage to your roof, and car hail damage repair. As you start adding up the numbers, you become overwhelmed: it is a lot. But, wait a minute! If home insurance covers damage to your house, does car insurance cover hail damage?

The answer is yes, but in certain conditions. In this article, our specialists in hail damage repair will explain everything you need to do if you want to file a hail damage insurance claim successfully. We will not only answer the question “does car insurance cover hail damage?” but also tell you how to file a claim and what you can do to minimize the risk of hail damage.

When Car Insurance Covers Hail Damage

Most US states require drivers to carry mandatory liability insurance coverage. So, does liability insurance cover hail damage? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Liability insurance policies will cover the damages and injuries you caused to other persons as a result of a traffic accident.

If you want to benefit from hail damage car insurance, you need to purchase comprehensive coverage. This optional policy allows you to file a claim if your vehicle is damaged in a wide range of situations, including hail storms.

Now then, does full coverage cover hail damage? The answer is not an absolute yes. In most cases, it does. But you need to hold an active policy before the hailstorm damaged your car, not in its aftermath. Moreover, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need to purchase comprehensive coverage well ahead of any storm warning. Whenever there is an active alert, insurance companies put a “moratorium”, or a ban on adding comprehensive coverage to your existing car insurance.

How to Claim Hail Insurance

Now that you know what kind of insurance covers this specific type of damage, let us show you how to file a hail damage car insurance claim. The process works in the same way as for any other claim: you contact your insurance company by phone or in writing and tell them that you suffered damage.

An insurance adjuster will come to inspect your car and assess the extent of the damage. The adjuster will determine whether the insurer will pay for your damages or your car is totaled.

If the car is totaled, you will receive its cash value – as evaluated by the insurance company. If it can be repaired, you will have to pay the deductible (the amount you owe before the hail damage car insurance claim is paid). 

Here are is a helpful tip for you: take your car to an experienced car repair shop for a professional evaluation of the damage as soon as possible, even before you make a claim. If the damage is minimal and can be fixed with paintless dent repair, it will usually cost less than the deductible you need to pay on your comprehensive insurance.

Thus, you don’t even have to wonder: does car insurance cover hail damage repair? You will fix your car at an affordable cost and, most importantly, your monthly insurance premiums will not go up. Depending on the frequency of your claims, you may have to pay substantially more for your insurance policy.

How to Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

As you can see, you can cover the average hail damage repair cost without resorting to insurance. However, you can also rely on a hail damage car insurance claim if your vehicle suffered significant damage.

At the same time, you don’t want to have to fix your car after every hailstorm, which can be quite frequently if you live in a storm-prone area. Here are some simple ways in which you can protect your car from hail damage:

  • Always park your car in the garage
  • If you do not have a garage, cover the vehicle with a car cover
  • Use a weather app to receive alerts on upcoming hailstorms
  • Do not park the car under a large tree – instead of giving it protection, it will cause supplementary damage from broken branches.

We Are Ready to Help You With Hail Damage Repairs!

At United Hail Pros, we treat each vehicle as if it were our own. You can rely on us for professional hail damage repair to your car body at affordable prices. You can waive filing a hail damage car insurance claim and get your vehicle back on the road in good condition without emptying your account.

We are based in Arvada, CO, and proudly serve customers in Colorado and Texas. Call us to get an estimate: 972-587-0084!

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