Why South Denver May Get More Hail Why South Denver May Get More Hail

Why South Denver May Get More Hail

South Denver is growing by leaps and bounds and there are literally houses as far as you can see from Parker to Centennial and Greenwood Village to Littleton.  With great school systems and a ton of outdoor activities – it makes sense that this area is renowned as a wonderful place to work and raise a family. However, what isn’t great about living in South Denver is the area’s propensity for hail.  

Hail Storms In South Denver

While all of Denver gets a lot of hail, it is true that South Denver is right in the path of what is called “hail alley” which is a stretch of land in the US that gets more hail per year on average than the rest of the country.  It is not unlike what Tornado Alley is to the Midwest. Here Denver, this band touches right into South Denver and as such–this area gets copious, if not more, hail than the rest of the city.

What Getting More Hail Means For South Denver

When you live in or close to places like Hail Alley, you simply must be more prepared for unexpected weather.  While you know for sure it will hail during the hail season, when and where is another question. For this reason, a good idea is to make sure you do a few things to keep alert and prepared:

  1. check the weather on a daily basis and installing a weather app is a good way to do this.  
  2. Store blankets in the trunk of your car in case you get caught in a hailstorm–when you see the clouds gathering and the hail start to fall you may be able to cover your car.
  3. Consider getting an insurance policy with a lower deductible

If you live in South Denver for, even a small amount of time, the chances are you will be hit by hail sooner rather than later.  A good idea then maybe to consider paying more for a lower deductible insurance plan, so you won’t need to pay quite as much when you do get your car fixed from the all-too-frequent South Denver hail.

Hail Pros For Car Repairs In South Denver

Should you get hit with hail and live in the South Denver area, we at Hail Pros can help you quickly and easily get your car repaired.  We know how to work with insurance companies for the least amount of hassle for you! Reach out to us today for more information and to set up a mobile consultation.

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