4 Steps to Take After Your Car is Damaged by Hail 4 Steps to Take After Your Car is Damaged by Hail

4 Steps to Take After Your Car is Damaged by Hail

At United Hail Pro, as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about hail, hail repair and hail damage here in Colorado. Since the weather here can get rough around this time of year, this is when we tend to get an influx of calls. Because, as it were after your car is damaged by hail it can be a confusing time. If you don’t handle things promptly and correctly, it can also become an expensive one too. So, to keep yourself sane and possible even save yourself a bit of money, take a look at the steps below to help guide you through the process of making a claim. It should be noted that these steps are for those who have collision and/or comprehensive coverage on their vehicle which, in most cases, provides compensation for hail damage. If you are unsure of your coverage be sure to contact your insurance provider directly.

Step 1: Take Pictures After Hail Damage Occurs

Of course, you should first take pictures of the damages from hail: dings, dents, scratches and broken parts. The better quality and more pictures you take–the better. Get pictures from every angle too. Another thing we suggest is to get pictures of your car in pristine condition before you ever get hit by hail and email them to yourself. This could help to show the condition of your car before the hail damage.

Step 2: Call Your Insurance Provider to File a Hail Damage Claim

Next, call your insurance company to file a claim. If it was a major storm they are more than likely inundated with calls so the sooner you call the better. Just reach out and let them know that you want to file a claim. Filing a claim online may be possible depending on your insurance provider; it depends on the insurance provider that you have a policy through. Make sure to give them all the details like what time of day it happened and which parts of the vehicle look the most damaged.

Step 3: Call Around to Different Body Shops for Repair Estimates

After you get approval from your insurance agency gives you the approval that they will cover the hail damage, you need to ask them if there are repair specialists they require you to go to. In most cases they will have a “recommended repair shop” but you ultimately can go where ever you choose.

Step 4: Take Your Car to Get Fixed

Finally, the fun part–kind of. Take your car to the repair specialist you decide upon. The compensation from your check usually can be sent right to this person but sometimes the insurance company will cut you a check. But keep in mind, that check will almost always be less your deductible.

At United Hail Pros we know the ins and outs of hail repair and paintless dent repair so we are able to explain in detail any of the information above to you in detail. We are also happy to give you a competitive quote on your hail damage repair in Colorado, so contact us today for pricing as well.

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