Hail For The Holiday? Hail For The Holiday?

Hail For The Holiday?

The weather in Denver towards the end of June has been hit or miss. Depending on what type of weather you like--miss.

The weather in Denver towards the end of June has been hit or miss.  Depending on what type of weather you like–miss.  But with June closing out, a surge of sunshine has hit us and it is time to start thinking about July.  Mainly, one of our favorites on the 4th of July.  As you start to get the cars and campers ready for your trips –you probably can’t help but wonder–will there be hail.  In Denver, typically the fourth is hot and cloud free. But, since there is still skiing in a number or resorts right now–this year is anything but typical.

So, what will the fourth bring us this year in terms or weather?  Will hail pummel our cars, trucks, and campers and put a damper on our celebration?  Or will Denver’s heat and dryness prevail, as is the usual

Colorado Hail Forecast For The 4th of July Holiday

While weather predictions have gotten better over the years–hail is anything but predictable.  However, we did our very best to examine a few regions in the state and see if there were storms on the horizon.  So, whether you are heading up north for a little fishing or into the mountains for some camping fun–we’ve got ya covered.

Hail Probability for Denver: Staying in Denver to bbq and relax?  Sounds great!  It looks like your chance of hail are medium.  While it will be incredibly hot, storms will cool things down the 2nd and 3rd and may bring some hail.  But looks like the 4th of July will be sweltering and clear.

Hail Probability For Northern Colorado:  The chances of hail look low for those Denver vacationers heading to Northern Colorado.  Although there will likely be a severe thunderstorm on Tuesday–the high temperatures may ward off any hail damage.

Hail Probability for Southern Colorado: If you head to the Arkansas River basin area, it looks like the chances of hail are higher than if you head further south to Durango/Four Corners area.  However, Tuesday, July 2 is probably the most likely hail day.  Like much of the state, the fourth looks clear!

Hail Probability for The Front Range:  Whether or not it will hail this holiday really depends on what part of the front range you head into.  However, Grand Lake and the surrounding areas look free and clear of hail for the rest of the week.

For the most part, the state of Colorado looks clear of hail for the fourth of July holiday.  The most likely day for hail will be July, 2nd and then mostly clear.  So, go out and enjoy yourself this holiday knowing you likely won’t have any hail damage when you come back. Be sure to be safe this year and, of course,  should you get any body damage, hail or otherwise,  contact us at United Hail Pros

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