Hail Storms In The Denver/Metro Area Hail Storms In The Denver/Metro Area

Hail Storms In The Denver/Metro Area

The Hail is coming to Colorado and some of the worst affected areas aren’t just Denver proper but our outlying friends closer to the foothills like Lakewood, Golden, and Evergreen.  While the mountains do provide a bit of cover from the sweeping hail storms we are most definitely about to see, the slightly higher elevation and cooler temperatures could spell disaster for these western metro cities.  So, when hail hits West Denver, is there a way to mitigate some of the damage when you are not at home and trapped out before the impending destruction? The answer is–yes! Below we listed a few ideas of how to keep your vehicle safe should you be caught under the dark clouds of an imminent hail storm.

4 Places To Go To Keep Your Car Safe From Hail

Covered Public Parking

When you are out and you see those clouds rolling in, a great place to get to fast is a public parking facility.  Even if you end up paying $20 to park, it saves your car in the long run from what could be expensive hail repairs–or at the very least a deductible payment.

Gas Stations

That’s right, almost all gas stations have covers over there pumps for the very same reason you may want to stop there during a storm–to keep things from being damaged.  While staying there for a long time is likely inappropriate–when you start to hear the ping of hailstones–filling up on some gas for 5 minutes while the worst passes is a very good idea.

Large Buildings

While these types of buildings may not cover your car completely if you can see which way the storm is moving and park on the opposite side of a very large building, many times you can keep your vehicle safe from the worst of the storm. If the wind is really blowing the building may shield your car from damage completely.

Under A Large Tree

Again, trees probably won’t give you 100% protection from the storm but they very well could reduce the amount of hail damage your car gets–especially to glass fixtures like windshields.  The odds are even if the tree doesn’t stop a hailstone completely, it will likely slow it down enough not to break the glass on your car.

United Hail Pros For Hail Repair In Denver And West Denver

These are just some of the tips we like to give to people here in West Denver and all over the metro area about hail and how to avoid or fix it. If you already have hail damage or have more questions about paintless dent repair in the Denver/Metro area, contact us at United Hail Pros today!


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