Holiday Driving Essentials Holiday Driving Essentials

Holiday Driving Essentials

The holidays are upon us and while the winter is a relatively hail free time--the driving conditions are less than perfect.

The holidays are upon us and while the winter is a relatively hail free time–the driving conditions are less than perfect. With the snow and sleet taking the place of the rain and hail we get here in Denver driving in winter can be a challenge. Furthermore, around the holidays–you have to do a lot more driving than usual and there are a ton more people on the road. For this reason, accidents, breakdowns and weather issues–could have your car sidelined at any time. As a hail and auto repair specialists here in the Mile High City–nobody knows this better than us. So, we are taking some time in this blog to urge you to be prepared and let you know a few ways to do so. 

How to Winterize Your Car

#1: Keep an Eye On Your Battery

In the winter the constant cold can run down a perfectly good battery–especially if you park outside or don’t drive your car every day. So, before you do any holiday traveling or trips to the Cherry Creek Mall for the perfect gift–it is a good idea to get your battery voltage checked right around Thanksgiving or the very beginning of December. A properly functioning battery should be 12.6 volts or above when fully charged

#2: Keep Your Tires Full of Air And Tread

Whenever you travel or plan to do a lot of driving you should get your tire pressure checked. However, it is that much more important to do so in the winter when just the change in temperature can make your tires low. Furthermore, it is incredibly critical to make sure your tires have a good amount of tread on them too. Low tread can make for slipping and sliding and increase your chance of an accident by a lot. Also, winter snow tires are probably a good idea if you head up to the mountains regularly to ski. 

#3 Keep a Breakdown Survival Kit In Your Car

When the snow comes to Denver it can really come down hard and fast. If you are unlucky enough to break down in the middle of a whiteout storm–you may be stuck for a while before anyone can find you. This is true not only in Denver but especially in the Front range mountain passes. Having a survival kit in the back of your car for essentials to keep you from freezing should your car stop working is a really good idea here in Colorado. While you can choose to put whatever you want in it, some supplies may include jumper cables, a spare tire, a lug wrench, a spare tire, a blanket, a battery-operated phone charger, food and water, and emergency signal.

These are just a few ways to make sure your holiday driving is as smooth as possible! Drive safe and stay warm this holiday season! If you do have a fender bender or issue with your car’s finish–be sure to contact us at United Hail Pros! We do dent repair from traditional to PDR and will be happy to help you!

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