How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Bumper? All You Need to Know How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Bumper? All You Need to Know

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Bumper? All You Need to Know

Do you have a damaged bumper, but you're unsure which is more cost-effective: repair and replacement? If so, then this article is for you. Find out how much it costs to repair or replace your bumper.

Damage to front bumper and rear bumper is an occurrence that every driver has had to deal with at least once. There are many causes of such damage, ranging from something as trivial as a shopping cart dings at the parking lot to uncontrollable conditions like a hailstorm. Once the dent is made, the solution can be a car bumper repair service like car hail damage repair, or you can opt for a bumper replacement service. 

No matter the solution you choose, the question of cost is inevitable. 

Cost To Fix Bumper Damage: Main Factors You Should Know About

You might wonder, "how much is a bumper repair service?”

The cost will depend on several factors – 

  • The extent of the damage
  • The make and model of your vehicle
  • Bumper material
  • And the year of the vehicle

More often than not, these factors will dictate the repair service you will get for your car.

Two car mechanics providing bumper repair. Affordable labor cost to replace rear bumper in cars.

Can a bumper be repaired?

Different Types of Repairs That Can Solve Bumper Damage

  • Traditional dent repair

It involves using a heat tool to reshape the dent on the bumper and restore the original shape. The car bumper price using this repair type is $150 – $600. 

  • Paintless dent repair

This repair type employs a specialized tool to reshape the dent. With paintless dent repair, you don’t have to worry about ruining your car's paint with a new one. 

  • Cracks, Holes, and Punctures

Involves the use of adhesives to patch holes and fill cracks. Cost ranges from $245 - $425 

  • Scratches

Scratches on the front and rear car bumper can either be light or severe. Light scratches are a quick fix, while severe scratches may require the application of paint and coat. Scratched bumper repair cost typically ranges between $100 and $600.

To Repair or to Replace? Consider the Rear Bumper Cost

If a repair service won’t cut it due to the severity of the damage, your next option is to replace the cracked bumper. This leads to another question: how much does it take to change the bumper?

On average, a new bumper price ranges from $100 to $1,000, while installation and paint range from $200 to $600.

Estimated Labor Cost to Replace Rear Bumper

The hourly rate to replace a damaged bumper will largely depend on the auto shop. However, you should expect a price range of $48 to $250 per hour. 

Front Bumper and Grill Replacement Cost: Factors to Take into Account

Replacing your back or front bumper will depend on the car's make, model, and year. How much does new bumper cost? The answer to this question will depend on whether you want an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an aftermarket part.

A rear car bumper with a large dent after getting damaged during an accidental collision.

Top Reasons to Replace a Car Bumper

  • Major or deep scratch or dent

While paying the cost of a new bumper may seem high for light and medium repair, it is necessary if your bumper has a deep dent. Major dents and deep scratches may compromise your bumper's structural integrity. 

Damage to the front or rear car bumper significantly reduces the car’s ability to absorb impact. Therefore, a replacement is needed to maintain its strength. 

  • Damage to the car’s frame

The rear car bumper you see on the exterior of your car is just coverings for the actual bumper. The real bumpers are underneath, connected to your car’s frame. Therefore, deep dent can signify substantial mechanical damage to the frame. In this case, the average cost of bumper repair may not be enough. 

  • Holes or cracks in the bumper

Over time, small holes and cracks in a car bumper grow and spread, especially when driving on rough roads. Holes also allow water to seep in and damage the lights and sensors in the bumpers. No matter how small, holes in the bumper merit the question, "how much does it take to change the bumper?”

  • Repairs are more expensive than replacements.

Unless you have minor dents and scratches, car bumper repair costs are usually higher than bumper replacement. You should also consider adding bumper reinforcement for optimum impact absorption.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Front Bumper? Ask the Professionals

At United Hail Pros, we believe in providing exceptional repair and replacement services that satisfy our customers' needs. Visit our site and get a free front bumper replacement cost estimate on premium plastic bumpers.

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