How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper in CO? Here’s a Breakdown How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper in CO? Here’s a Breakdown

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper in CO? Here’s a Breakdown

The bumper repaint cost can vary depending on multiple factors. Here, we discuss the different factors and costs of a bumper paint job and other things you must know. Read on to find out.

If you got into a major accident or a light fender bender, you most likely need a new bumper. Getting a new bumper isn't complicated, but getting the wrong colored bumper for your car or truck can be a big deal. At that point, one of the things you can do is get your bumper painted. At United Hail Pros, we do car hail damage repair, bumper replacement, and more. 

So, how much does it cost to paint a bumper? In this article, we’ll break down the cost of a typical bumper paint job, as well as how long it takes to paint a bumper and where to get it painted. 

Top Reasons for Painting a Car Bumper 

There are a plethora of reasons for painting car bumpers. While not every person will look for a bumper paint job for the same reason, some of the most common reasons include the following: 

  • Replacing Old Bumper: one of the main reasons for painting a car bumper is to replace your old bumper. However, the new bumper might not match your car. To get the paint to match bumper and car, you will have to deal with the cost of repainting the bumper, so it matches your car’s color. 
  • Repairing: bumpers are durable but prone to dents, cracks, and other damages. Hence, you might want to get it repaired only to find the paint missing in many areas. How much to get a bumper painted depends on how badly it’s damaged.
  • Covering Scratches: suppose you have a new car or one that looks as good as new, but then you look at your bumper, which looks beat up. Even if it's only a few scratches and nicks, you might consider getting it repainted.
  • Wear and Tear: bumpers are prone to natural wear and tear due to the climate. A metal bumper might gather rust over time, while a plastic bumper loses paint as it ages. Hence, not every repaint bumper job is related to an accident. 
  • Selling: if you plan on selling your car, you might want to spruce it up before you do. You can recover the bumper paint job cost when you sell the car. 

Wondering what's price of paint to match bumper? Check your bumper condition

How Much is the Cost to Repaint Bumper 

The average cost to repaint a bumper is somewhere around $500. However, the cost can either be higher or lower depending on several factors. It depends on the following: 

  • Paint Price: The price can change depending on the paint you want. Suppose it's not a complicated color; the bumper paint job cost can decrease considerably. However, the cost can be higher if the color is hard to get or requires different colors to be mixed.
  • Type of Bumper: the bumper type can significantly influence the paint bumper price. The rear and front bumper paint job costs differ from one another. The type of material and size of the bumper also matter.
  • Labor Cost: According to the AAA, the bumper painting process time puts labor costs between $94 to $430. Hence, the cost can vary depending on the kind of labor you have. If you have more professional and high-grade labor, their costs will match. 
  • Steps of the paint job: Depending on the difficulty of the paint job, the laborers might have to put more hours into repainting it. A rear bumper paint cost might be higher because it requires more steps. Moreover, a complicated job means that more special equipment will be used. Hence, how many steps the paint job requires can influence the cost. 
  • Type of Paint Job: the cost to repaint the bumper depends on the type of paint job you get. An economy paint job might cost less, but it can fade quicker and cause a problem. While a premium paint job works best, it can cost a lot. 

Steps to Paint a Bumper

The steps required to paint a bumper are as follows:

  • First, take off the bumper
  • Remove any stickers on the bumper
  • Then, use a soap and de-greaser to wash the bumper
  • Use wet sand to smooth out any rough areas of the bumper
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the bumper

Now that your bumper is ready to paint, follow these steps:

  • First, apply the base coat of the paint
  • Wipe down any imperfections with a microfiber cloth
  • Repaint the bumper and repeat the process for a total of three times
  • Then, apply two clear coat layers
  • Finally, let the paint dry for a minimum of six hours
  • Once the paint is dry, you can reattach the bumper

The Difference Between Painting And Repainting A Bumper Cost

How much to paint a bumper depends on whether it’s a repaint. The major difference between painting a new bumper and repainting an old one is that repainting requires that you scrape off the previous coat first. This means you must sand the entire bumper, so the previous paint is removed. Moreover, repainting requires at least three coats and two layers of clear coat. Additionally, it can be challenging to match the previous color.  

Selecting colors for rear bumper paint job

Hence, considering the extra steps taken to repaint a bumper, the cost to repaint front bumper might be higher than a paint job. 

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Bumper? 

How long does it take to paint a bumper? Well, the appropriate time for painting is a few hours, but it might take up to 12-24 hours depending on multiple factors, including the size of your bumper and whether it needs to be repaired before repainting. For one, a professional can be done much sooner than a novice. You can get in touch with us to get a bumper paint job estimate.

Where Can I Get My Bumper Painted? Contact United Hail Pros

If you are looking for a place to get your bumper painting, it is important to look for professionals. A bumper paint job requires skills and depending on the skill level of the worker, it could take longer to complete. The average cost to paint a bumper will increase the more time it takes. Plus, qualified professionals have access to better tools and know a few know-hows that might result in a better-quality job. 

Finally, if you’re asking yourself, “where can I get my bumper repainted?”, get in touch with United Hail Pros. We will discuss your needs with you and provide you with a fair estimate.

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