All You Need to Know About Car Suspension Repair: Covering the Basics All You Need to Know About Car Suspension Repair: Covering the Basics

All You Need to Know About Car Suspension Repair: Covering the Basics

Experiencing a rough drive, drifting while turning, dips at stopping, greasiness around shocks, or uneven tire treads? Schedule a car suspension repair and maintenance service ASAP!

Car suspension is often taken for granted. After years of supporting the vehicle, it eventually succumbs to wear and tear and the shocks get worn out. Your ability to control your vehicle can be greatly compromised due to bad suspension. When this happens, you might need to enlist the help of car suspension repair specialists. 

Don’t ignore the warning signs of a broken suspension. Schedule a visit to our car hail damage repair shop in Arvada, CO, to get your car flying like new again. 

United Hail Pros specialists can tell you how to check car suspension yourself

First Things First: Here’s How Car Suspension Works

Several components have to work like a clock together to ensure a smooth ride. And if any of them aren’t working as they should, you know you’ve got a car suspension repair coming. The primary components of a suspension include the following: 


Modern cars have an air-ride suspension system, whereas older vehicles have a leaf spring system installed. The majority of vehicles have coil springs that help provide flexible tension and support so that the vehicle is driven evenly despite bumps. 


Shocks work with springs to decrease the vibrations and also provide structural support to the vehicle. Shocks basically ensure a smooth driving experience. 


People often mix shocks with struts, but these two are different; usually, one or the other is used in the suspension system. Some people choose to use shocks in front of the struts for specific performance. 

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These components require periodic replacement due to constant use. 

How to Check Car Suspension; Not As Difficult As It Seems

Here are the main signs of a broken suspension:

  • Rough Drive. If, while driving, you begin to feel every bump on the road, it is an obvious sign of car suspension problems. 
  • Pulling or Drifting Around Turns. If your suspension system is failing, you may experience drifting or pulling, especially when you are taking a turn. This means the shocks of your vehicle are damaged, thus they no longer provide stability to the vehicle against the turning force. This can be fatal as it increases the risk of a rollover. Schedule an auto suspension repair immediately.
  • Front Dips While Stopping. If you hit the brakes and you experience your car’s body is lurching forward, this means your shocks are worn out and need to be changed.
  • Uneven Pressure on Tires. If you notice flat spots or see that the tread is wearing out on your tire unevenly, this means that suspension damage is in play; your car is not being held evenly.
  • Greasy and Oily Shocks. Look at your shocks or struts: if you see greasiness or oil, this means they are leaking fluid. You will need car suspension repair to get the shocks replaced. 
  • Bounce Test. Put your car in park and press the front of your vehicle while putting all your weight on it, bounce it a few times and release it, then do the same on the rear of the car. If, when releasing it, your car continues to bounce more than 2-3 times, it’s time to get your broken suspension fixed.

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Get Expert Car Suspension Repair Services at United Hail Pros

For expert car repair services, get in touch with United Hail Pros. We have all your car suspension repair and maintenance needs covered. Whether you are experiencing issues with the springs or you need to get your shocks replaced, you can rely on the professional assistance from our team. All of our mechanics have years of experience in fixing suspension damage after accidents or due to wear and tear. 

United Hail Pros is located in Arvada, CO, but our service area covers the entire state. Come get your car fixed today or call us if you have any questions about our suspension damage repair cost. 

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