How Hail Put A Damper On Some Denver Metro 4th of July Celebrations How Hail Put A Damper On Some Denver Metro 4th of July Celebrations

How Hail Put A Damper On Some Denver Metro 4th of July Celebrations

We hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating our country’s birthday this year.  And hopefully, you were tucked away somewhere deep in the mountains where the hail that came sweeping down the front range and out into the eastern plains missed. We all knew the likelihood of hail over the holiday was high but I don’t think anyone thought that in early July we would get so much!  As we mentioned, late in June, the forecast for a hailstorm looked most probably for Tuesday, July 2–and that turned out to be true. But what we didn’t expect was the storms that continued well into the week and even dampened some fourth celebrations. 

Denver 4th of July Celebrations Most Affected By Hail

As it turned out the 4th was anything but firework friendly in the earlier part of the day but for the most part, after hail hit everything went off as planned.  In Lone Tree, Sweetwater Park had to be evacuated due to the storms! Just check out this video from @cityoflonetree.

But it wasn’t just south Denver that got the brunt of the storm.  All the way over in east Denver in Brighton a 4th of July concert was delayed.  Also, the Denver Outlaws game over in Northfield/Stapleton was actually postponed because of lightning, not necessarily hail,  but happily, was rescheduled for later that night.

More Hail On The 4th of July Weekend 

The weekend here in Denver and the surrounding areas didn’t fare much better.  The storms that forme over the foothills moved northeast in a straight line, somehow hitting both  Fort Collins and Castle Rock Friday afternoon. Boulder was the most threatened with both flash flood warnings and 2” inch diameter hail reported in some areas.  To top it all of there was even a Tornado warning for Denver over the weekend.

Wow!  What a stormy 4th!  While this all sounds very threatening, plenty of people made it through their weekend with their cars unscathed from hail damage.   However, if you were one of the unfortunate ones, don’t despair–United Hail Pros has you covered. We will work with your insurance company to get your car back to looking pristine again with paintless dent repair (PDR) at no out of pocket expense, except possibly your deductible.  Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your holiday hail damaged car.

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