Car Colors In The Modern USA Car Colors In The Modern USA

Car Colors In The Modern USA

The truth is most cars today seem to be in varying shades of white, black and taupe or muted colors at best. This falls in line with the color trends of the 21st century in general–just look at most popular Instagram accounts that tend to be over-exposed or under saturated –and fans just love it. But, as it turns out, car colors and people’s appetite for different hues have changed literally since the car was invented and bright beautiful colors were at different points in history–all the rage.

In The Beginning…There Was Black

Of course, black was one of the very first colors that cars came in–it shouldn’t surprise you since, black was, is an always be in style in any medium from cars to clothes.  In fact, Henry Ford famously said of his Model T:

“It comes in any color–as long as it’s black”

His reasons for this were utilitarian in nature though. For one, he pioneered the assembly line and one (or very few) color(s) just made sense since he was going for sheer volume. Furthermore, the paints used at that time were made for buggies–very primitive in nature and taking a very long time to dry. By developing a new type of asphalt-based baked enamels for his cars Ford established dark colors as the go-to for early vehicles. It worked well with the assembly line process and didn’t take long to dry.


However, these limited color options wouldn’t last long and a combination of newer technologies, wars, the economy, and evolving American tastes would soon bring some much-needed color to the American auto landscape and lead to a whole new era for cars in the US in general. We will cover a new car color era and a few more in our next blog entry “Why Modern Car Paint Colors Are Kind Of Boring (But Weren’t Always) Part 2”

Check back with us soon and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to Colorado’s hail and auto paint repair specialists–United Hail Pros for you hail repair needs.

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