Paintless Dent Repair for Your Hail Damaged Colorado Car Paintless Dent Repair for Your Hail Damaged Colorado Car

Paintless Dent Repair for Your Hail Damaged Colorado Car

You have no doubt heard the term paintless dent removal or PDR especially living on the Front Range in Colorado. But do you really know what it entails? Probably not, and that is okay because it is our job, at United Hail Pros to be the foremost authority on all things relating to the dents, damages, and dings caused by hail. Essential paintless dent repair is for removing things like hail damage, door dings, minor creases, large dents by using precision tapping and specialized tools massage them out. Whether or not it works properly is really about how experienced the professional you choose is at removing sometimes stubborn marks. The reason for PDR vary but at the end of the day, this method of removing body damage from cars is much faster and cheaper than traditional hair repair–usually done in a few hours and for 60% less than methods that involve repainting. Read below for a synopsis of exactly what we do to get your car looking good again when you trust us with your hail repair job.

4 Steps United Hail Pros Uses to Fix Your Colorado Hail Damaged Car

While paintless dent repair is anything but easy, there are a few basic steps involved in fixing the damage that we take to ensure complete and total success.

Step 1: Analyzing the Dent and Extent of the Damage

In order to be successful, we first mush thoroughly inspect and analyze the dent pattern on your car. This involves figuring out how deep each dent is and a how we will reach behind the metal in your car to tap out the damage.

Step 2: Pushing the Metal Out to Remove the Divets and Dings

After formulating a plan of attack, one of our technicians will likely use long metal rods to reach into tiny gaps between panels and other holes to push the dent upwards. This method is the key to preventing the need to remove entire panels. Should we come across a very stubborn dent, however, some disassembly may be required.

Step 3: Spreading the Surface of the Dented Areas

After a dent forms the metal’s thickness becomes inconsistent in the working area creating a “mushroom” effect around the dented area. For this reason, our Tech will use a plastic “tap down tool” and a soft blow rubber hammer to tap the ring to be flush.

Step 4: Polishing the Repaired Area

The repaired dent could result in inconsistencies in the clear coat from the PDR process. To return the paint on your car to a lovely “like new” look we use wet-sanding and polishing; this ensures a wonderfully smooth repaired finish.

For more information on paintless dent repair or to get your car in here and looking its best again, contact us at United Hail Pros for pricing today!

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