Hail Safety Tips For Driving In a Denver Hailstorm Hail Safety Tips For Driving In a Denver Hailstorm

Hail Safety Tips For Driving In a Denver Hailstorm

Navigate to basic driving rules for hailstorm weather. At United Hail Pro, we collected some hail safety tips and hope our new Blog Article will help you master safe driving skills and reduce damage.

When you live in Denver, Colorado it is a matter of when not if you will get caught in a hail storm. What you may not realize is that hail and tornadoes go hand in hand so there are some pretty important car safety tips on driving in hail around the Denver area. Some of them are pretty widely known as driving tips in severe weather in general – but hail can be golf ball sized here and come with a tornado right behind it – so knowing what to do ahead of time is about how to save your life, not just how to get better at driving. Although we cannot guarantee you will avoid car hail damage repair, still you will increase your driving safety for sure with these skills.

First Steps When Your Car Is Caught In a Hailstorm

  1. Find a SAFE place to pull over: With the Denver sky raining down buckets of golf ball-sized hail at your car you may be tempted to swerve off the road and stop dead in your tracks. Not a great idea - that is actually what you should avoid while driving in a hailstorm. Stay calm, use your signals and find a smart place to stop, out of the way of traffic. Places like an underpass or an exit that will get you to a place of shelter are what you should be looking for as a safe driver. Avoid ditches as they can cause damage to your car and may become flooded if torrential rains occur.
  2. Stay In Your Vehicle: During light hail, we often tell people to get their car covered with a blanket or car mats for the sake of protecting your car polish and avoiding or stopping windshield cracks. However, you must understand that hail storms can go from bad to worse in a heartbeat. If you find yourself pulled over on a highway, street or underpass remember – visibility is low for everyone and you are risking getting hit if you leave your car. If you have found a safe place to pull over, stay in your vehicle. With diminished visibility, you are more likely to get hit.
  3. Listen To The Local Radio for Updates: Getting caught in a major hail storm in Denver is no joke. You may not realize it isn’t just hail but a tornado right on its heels. With that in mind, pull over, take shelter and listen to the radio to understand where you are compared to the storm front. Just because the hail stops, does not mean you are not still in danger so be sure to listen to updates on the radio and/or keep a close eye on your phone’s weather app.

Should you get hail storm car damage in one of these fast-moving Denver area hail storms be sure to reach out to us at United Hail Pros to get your automobile fixed and back on the road fast!

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