Hail Season In East Denver Hail Season In East Denver

Hail Season In East Denver

Of course when you think about the upcoming hail season heading to Denver and the front range area–you know it is going to be bad.  But East Denver has some pretty compelling reasons to be nervous–namely, it’s pretty flat. That’s right, out in the suburbs of Park Hill, Aurora, Mayfair, Stapleton, Lowry, and Northfield, the hail is unforgiving.  The hail storms often seem to roll in from the west and then really dump in the East. So for those living from Colorado Blvd all the way East to E-470, if it seems like maybe you get more intense hail than the rest of Denver–ti may be because you do.  Soon hail season will be upon us and no matter where you live here and given the amount of precipitation we get–you best be prepared. Not just in regards to your car but everything else in your life: house, garage, yard, pets not excluded. Below are a few ways you can brace for a hail storm and stay sane this hail season.

How To Prepare For Severe Hail In Denver

1. Stay Inside During A Severe Hail Storm

Staying inside during a hail storm is probably a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning because people report injuries, especially in Denver, from hail all the time. Be sure to err on the side of caution and when you see the clouds approaching–get inside.

2. Stay Away From Skylights, Glass Windows And Doors During Severe Hail Storms

Once indoors, it is even more important to stay away from glass exposed to the hail outside.  In fact, shards from breaking glass are even more dangerous than the hail itself. Be sure to use your judgment–if the hail and wind are being driven west to east–the eastern side of your home is likely where you want to bunker down since your house is acting as a break.

3. Park Your Car In The Garage or Under A Tree

You can’t always get your car to safety when you are out and about in a hail storm, but if you are at home–get it to safety fast before heading inside.  With a little bit of forethought, even living in East Denver, you can avoid hail damage. Of course, if you do end up getting anything from a few dings to a ton of divots during a severe hailstorm be sure to contact United Hail Pros to get going on your professional PDR


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