3 Tips For Recovering From Hail Damage Faster 3 Tips For Recovering From Hail Damage Faster

3 Tips For Recovering From Hail Damage Faster

Hailstorm Recovery in Denver, Colorado In case you haven’t noticed it has been hailing in Denver--a lot.

Hailstorm Recovery in Denver, Colorado

In case you haven’t noticed it has been hailing in Denver–a lot.  In the last week or so, Denver and north Denver in particular (Westminster, Arvada, and Broomfield) has been hit pretty hard.  While there is truly nothing you can do about hail damage to cars, homes, and gardens in the Denver area (because hail is just part of life here) there are things to do immediately after a storm that can help mitigate the damages from the storm and all but guarantee hail insurance coverage when applicable.  Below we have listed 5 things to do immediately after a hail storm to make sure you recover financially and continue to live a great Denver life.

3 Steps To Take Immediately After A Denver Hail Storm


While your insurance company likely has powerful tools to find out the exact date and time of the hail storm that ripped through your area, it is always good to have this information recorded yourself.  This helps you ensure your claim is considered legitimate and get you the coverage you need to take care of damages.


Once the sound of those golf-ball-sized hailstones stops, it’s time to get the camera out and start searching for damage.  While your roof and car are likely places that damage from hail occurred– fences, sheds, and garages are also areas that may be covered.  

Things to take pictures of:

  • Hailstones with a coin to reference size–this could help you prove just how devastating the storm was 
  • Damage to your roof, garage, cars and any debris from damage as it lays in your yard.
  • Broken windows on cars or home


Oftentimes when a large hail storm comes through Denver, a lot of claims come pouring into insurance companies.  So, filing a claim right away will help you get your home/car fixed sooner. While you can wait to get your home or car fixed from the hail damage, if you have damage that exposes underlying home structures or car body to more damage–it is better to get that fixed asap before your issues get worse.

For more information on how to deal with hail damage to your car after a Denver hail storm, contact us at United Hail Pros for more information!