Check Engine Light Flashing? Do Not Ignore It! Check Engine Light Flashing? Do Not Ignore It!

Check Engine Light Flashing? Do Not Ignore It!

United Hail Pros is a team of specialists in hail damage repair and other types of car repair works, including all the issues signaled by the check engine light flashing on your dashboard.

On many occasions, when clients come to us for car hail damage repair, our specialists notice the check engine light flashing on the dashboard. “Oh, it’s just a little thing bleeping, nothing serious”, comes the owner’s explanation. In reality, this is an error message that every driver should take seriously.

Cars have become extremely complex and advanced. They have special systems to warn us when something is wrong or when a breakdown is imminent. The check engine light flashing is one of these warnings of impending malfunction.

What Does Check Engine Light Mean?

Now that we got your attention, your next question might be, “Why is my check engine light on”? This error light can indicate not one, but several types of malfunctions. Most of them involve critical systems of your car. If you do not pay attention to the check engine light flashing, you may have to replace expensive car parts in the near future. 

Let us now explain to you some of the possible reasons behind the check engine indicator flashing:

Engine Problems

Car engines have a series of sensors that monitor the way it works. All these sensors send signals to a central controller. Whenever one of these sensors detects a problem, the central controller will cause the check engine light flashing on your dashboard.

Check engine light flashing and no power? Let our specialists fix the problem?

It is impossible to say what the check engine light means without taking the car to a repair shop. Simply looking at your engine will not show you what is wrong. An experienced mechanic will access the car computer and then look for the exact cause of the check engine light flashing.

Transmission Issues

What does the check engine mean if there is nothing wrong with the engine itself? The next likely issue is with the transmission. This is the system that transfers the power generated by the engine to the car wheels. 

Thus, since the engine and the transmission are so closely connected, an issue with the latter will set the check engine light flashing.

Problems with the Emissions Equipment

Are you aware how many emissions devices are equipped on your car? Each of them monitors something different: the exhaust gas, the catalytic converter, the evaporative emissions system, etc.

When any of these devices detects a problem with the piece of equipment it monitors, you will see the check engine light flashing. 

Electronic Powertrain Controls Issues

“Why is my check engine light on if there are no issues with the engine, transmission or emissions equipment?” This car indicator can also start flashing if one of the many sensors monitoring the powertrain detects an issue.

If you see the check engine light flashing, bring your car to a professional car repair shop.

It takes an experienced mechanic to detect the root issue of the flashing indicator and solve it. Modern car powertrains are extremely complex, with many modules that communicate with each other.

Air or Fuel Delivery Issues

As you may know, your car runs on fuel vapors which are ignited inside the combustion chamber. To achieve this reaction, two things are needed: fuel and air. When one of them is not supplied in sufficient quantity, a sensor will alert the dashboard indicator, and you will see the check engine light flashing. 

The check engine light flashing may signal various impending malfunctions.

Problems with the Ignition System 

Finally, the check engine light flashing may mean that there is an issue with the sparks, coil packs or any other component of the ignition system. The sensors monitoring this system also transmit signals to the central controller, which in turn activates the warning indicator.

How to Diagnose Check Engine Light Flashing

As you can see, the check engine light flashing may signal several problems to each of the most important systems of your car. Do not ignore the issue and do not attempt to fix the issue by yourself, as you may do more damage than good. At United Hail Pros, we know exactly what to look for and you will soon get your car back, in perfect working condition.

You can find our car shop Arvada, CO but we also serve customers in the rest of Colorado. Instead of googling “why is my check engine light on”, call our specialists now to solve your problem at 303-669-9963!

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