Where Do Hailstorms Hit the Most in the Nation? Where Do Hailstorms Hit the Most in the Nation?

Where Do Hailstorms Hit the Most in the Nation?

Hailstorms are an integral part of seasonal changes and weather systems throughout a multitude of different geographical areas throughout the United States. Hail can sometimes be predictable, providing the opportunity to relocate your vehicle and keep it safe from hail damage. More often than not, hailstorms usually catch you off-guard, leading to significant hail damage to your car. From unattractive vehicle dents to cracked windshields, hail can cause costly damage throughout your vehicle’s exterior.

Hailstorm Prone Areas Throughout Colorado and the Nation

Hailstorms can happen throughout the nation at any time, but there certainly are areas that hailstorms are more prone to happen. Understanding where these areas are can help vehicle owners have more awareness, leading to better prevention and repair methods. Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming all meet at a point geographically and is commonly referred to as “Hail Alley”. Hail storms in this geographical area are much more frequent, severe, and dangerous. The Great Plains is also more prone to hail activity. Texas and Kansas experience some of the highest hail damage costs, while landlocked states are definitely more susceptible to severe hail storms.

Hail Damage Auto Repairs for Denver Vehicles

United Hail Pros has an in-depth understanding of hail damage and exactly how it impacts vehicles throughout the Denver metro area. With hail season approaching, making sure you have a trusted paintless dent repair specialist on hand is crucial. United Hail Pros specializes in auto hail damage repair and is happy to provide free mobile evaluations, complimentary concierge service, as well as comprehensive insurance claims support. We’re here to work as your advocate, ensuring all of your hail damage is covered by your insurance premium. Seen as an “act of God”, your insurance premium shouldn’t be affected by hail damage and we’ll work to make sure it isn’t.

For more information regarding hailstorm prone areas or paintless dent repair, please contact us!

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