Hail Damage In Colorado Hail Damage In Colorado

Hail Damage In Colorado

Hail is not limited to strictly Denver – but rather is a statewide phenomenon. Hail and in Colorado go hand in hand – anyone who has lived here for even a full year knows this because they have undoubtedly seen the rash of spring and summer hail storms first hand. But here in Denver, we see more than our fair share and the damages to roofs, cars, and crops are profuse.

When Is Hail Season In Colorado?

In Denver, the biggest times for hail are late spring and early summer with hail starting in May and June and ending as late as September.

Why Is Colorado Hail So Bad?

The faster a hailstorm “blows” in, the worse the damage will be. Here in Colorado, we have a mix of weather patterns that is perfect for creating fast moving and severe storms. Furthermore, our high altitude position here in Denver and across the front range make hail creation unavoidable. Strong, dry winds which carry water up and up to the higher, colder parts of the atmosphere and hold them there to form icy stones is exactly the formula needed to create large frequent hail storms.

Is Climate Change Making Hail In Colorado Worse?

The truth is, warming temperatures will probably reduce hail in Colorado. But, that is at the cost of even hotter summers and likely devastating drought. Meaning it will be too warm and water will to be scarce to form the hail balls.

How Big Was Colorado’s Biggest Hail Stone Ever?

Here in the Rocky Mountain region, the largest hailstone came in at just over 4.5 inches in diameter. But, if you want to know the largest a hailstone ever found in the US–it would be an 8-inch stone that was found in South Dakota in July 2010.

Here at United Hail Pros in Denver, we work with all types of cars and trucks doing quick, paintless dent repair. If you get stuck in one of Colorado’s notorious hails storms, contact us for an estimate on a hail repair for your car.


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