Why Repairing Your Denver Car or Truck Hail Damage Is a No Brainer - United Hail Pros Why Repairing Your Denver Car or Truck Hail Damage Is a No Brainer - United Hail Pros

Why Repairing Your Denver Car or Truck Hail Damage Is a No Brainer - United Hail Pros

It can be tempting to postpone repairing the hail damage on your vehicle. Most people dread the idea of having to work with an insurance company on the matter and bring their vehicle into a repair shop. Then there are the added concerns about covering your deductible and finding another method of transportation while your vehicle is being worked on.

But what if you could push all these concerns aside? At United Hail Pros, we make fixing your Denver car or truck’s hail damage quick, easy, and painless with our streamlined PDR process. Not only do we make it super fast and affordable to get your hail damage repaired, but we also go the extra mile of making sure that the process poses absolutely zero inconvenience to you by paying your deductible (up to $1000) and providing a rental vehicle!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair Hail Damage

The reason that most people neglect getting their hail damage fixed right away is that they fail to realize the many risks that can come from putting off the repairs. Even minor hail damage should be fixed as soon as possible.

When you wait to repair your hail damage, you run the risk of the damage getting worse. Small dents can turn into larger ones from a future hail storm. We have seen this happen frequently for Denver vehicle owners who live in the foothills of Golden and Lakewood as well as the Eastern Plains region of Aurora where many hailstorms occur in a single season. Additionally, when future storms occur, you also risk the chance that new hail chips the paint on your vehicle or spots on your vehicle may start to corrode. If the damage is severe enough, PDR may no longer be an option.

Why Getting Your Hail Damage Fixed is a No-Brainer

Getting your Denver vehicle’s hail damage repaired is truly a no-brainer. After all, why wouldn’t you fix the damage if you can enjoy:

No out of pocket expense. 

At United Hail Pros, we ensure no out of pocket expense to our customers by paying up to $1000 of deductible costs.

No change in insurance premium. 

Because hail storms are an act of God, you are not held responsible and therefore there will be no increase in your insurance premium.

Someone works with your insurance company for you. 

At United Hail Pros, we have a team of individuals who will work with your insurance company on your behalf so that you don’t have to spend agonizing hours on the phone. The process is completely hassle-free!

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