What Size Hail will Damage a Car? Know Everything About Hail Damage What Size Hail will Damage a Car? Know Everything About Hail Damage

What Size Hail will Damage a Car? Know Everything About Hail Damage

We all have seen hail in our lives. Hailstones vary in hardness, shape, and size. Get expert repair service for minor or major hail damages to your vehicles.

Are you wondering what size of hail causes car damage? Well, there is no clear size for hail to damage vehicles. Usually, one inch or size of a quarter hail can damage your car. In most situations, hail that is smaller than an inch does not cause significant damage unless it is wind-driven. Can pea-sized hail damage a car? Slightly, when the wind is involved. Small hail does not damage your vehicle to the extent that you need extensive repair or insurance claim. United Hail Pros provides car hail damage repair for both light hail damage and severe hail damage.

car hood after a heavy storm with small hail ice balls on; it can give minor hail damage to a car

Minor Hail Damage To A Car: How Can it Be Fixed?

A common question is “How big of a hail is needed to damage a car”? Hail that is smaller than an inch can damage your vehicle if it’s very dense or wind-driven. Otherwise, hail smaller than an inch cannot damage your car. You can fix a small hail-damaged car with paintless dent removal. But when the hail size gets bigger than an inch, the damage is significantly higher. Always remember: hail will be a no-fault claim through your auto insurance provider. Paintless dent removal is the best technique to repair light hail damage. 

large grains of hail on a car, it can cause light hail damage to your vehicle

Minor Hail Damage to the Roof Of Your Car

Car owners living in hail-prone locations always wonder what size of hail damages roofs? Any surface of your vehicle left uncovered during a hail storm can get blasted in random patterns. Minor hail damage to your roof can be repaired with simple techniques. Often,  surfaces facing the wind receive greater damage than the other side. The harder the hailstorm, the greater is its ability to damage your car. Get light hail damage fixed immediately.

Factors Influencing the Size of the Damage

Can small hail damage a car? You will get the answer by knowing more about the factors that influence the impact of the damage.

Hail Size

“What size of hail will leave damaged cars” is another question. Understand how hail size determines the proportion of damages. Larger hailstorms have more impact energy than smaller ones. The more massive a hailstorm would be, the faster it will fall. Few other aspects include the density of hailstones, the angle of impact, and the properties of the material they hit. Minor hail damage to a car can be seen. Usually smaller hailstones do not cause dents. 

Thunderstorm Duration

Another important factor is the duration of the thunderstorm. If your vehicle is exposed to smaller hailstones for a longer time, you can expect light hail damage on your vehicle. 

Wind Speed

Will pea-sized hail damage a car? Yes, if the wind speed is high. The wind is another glaring factor of hail damage. The direction, intensity, and speed of wind directly affect the seriousness of hail damage. Gusts of fast-moving winds impact the angle and velocity of hailstones. 

Precautionary Measures

Certain physical barriers and structural obstacles around your vehicle can help in slowing down the impact and providing a shield to your vehicle. Light hail damage on your vehicle can be prevented if your car is parked under a tree or close to neighboring buildings. 

heavy storm with hail ice balls on the car roof; it can cause minor hail damage to your car roof

How Do I Prevent Hail Damage to My Car?

The frequency of hailstorms in Colorado is much higher relative to other parts. Minor hail damage car especially over the hood can be repaired. Prevention can save you from a lot of trouble and repair expenses. Watching the weather can help you a lot. Small hail damage to a car can easily be prevented by checking weekly forecasts. Keep a check on weather apps, consider building or renting a carport. Purchasing a car cover or using floor mats, blankets or quilts can prevent the damage. 

Hiring a Professional Hail Dent Repair Expert

You cannot avoid hailstorms no matter how well you prepare for them. Get in touch with United Hail Pros to know more about how can small hail damage a car. We provide specialized hail repair services to transform your car into pre-hail condition. Our services are provided in Colorado.

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