The Benefits of Professional Auto Bumper Repair and Replacement in Colorado and Texas The Benefits of Professional Auto Bumper Repair and Replacement in Colorado and Texas

The Benefits of Professional Auto Bumper Repair and Replacement in Colorado and Texas

United Hail Pros is a team of professionals specialized in bumper repair based in Arvada, CO and serving Colorado and Texas dedicated to skilled and quick service.


The bumper is one of the most sensitive parts of your car. From car hail damage repair to scuff marks from parking, you will likely need to fix your car bumper several times during the lifespan of your vehicle.

While there are several DIY auto bumper repair solutions on the market that promise to remove scratches and give the bumper a brand new shine, they cannot repair a dent or a deep scuffing mark. Since the bumper is usually made of plastic in order to protect pedestrians in case of an accident, it is not very strong and reliable. In some cases, specialists are able to fix the bumper, in others you will need car bumper replacement.

Why Should You Consider Auto Bumper Repair, Even for Minor Damage?

You will have to fix your car bumper if:

  • Your bumper has severe scuff and scratch marks you can’t remove with DIY products;
  • There is a dent in the bumper;
  • The bumper becomes mobile – you can jiggle it with your hand.

A damaged bumper is not only unpleasant to look at, it is also unreliable. Auto bumper repair is necessary before it becomes mobile and falls off accidentally during the drive. Even car bumper replacement cost is affordable and it keeps you safe from liability in case of incidents.

Professional bumper repair companies in Colorado and Texas will deal with front and back bumper repair in a short time and make it look as new. A car that looks great, with no visible damage has a higher resale value.

Work with a Professional Plastic Bumper Repair Specialist in Denver Surroundings!

If your plastic bumper looks scuffed, dented or is mobile, it’s time to look for an auto bumper repair company. United Hail Pros can deal with any car make and model. When we believe bumper repair cost is not justified, we recommend car bumper replacement and find the part that is an exact match for the old one.

From the moment you accept the bumper repair estimate, we are doing our best to perform the work as quickly as possible. When we need to keep your auto in our shop for bumper repair or replacement, we can offer you a courtesy car. 

United Hail Pros performs skilled auto bumper repair services in Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, and Nebraska.

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First time ever having to use my insurance for hail damage, Jason and Roth surprised me with how professional a company can be! Roth went above and beyond for…
Chris I.
I highly recommend United Hail Pros for anyone’s hail repair needs. Their staff is friendly, their work is not only professional but also fairly priced.
John Myers
This company is so hands-on, at first, it made me a little nervous like their process was just too good to be true.
Korrin Shafer
United saved me and my wife quite a bit of time by working with our insurance company to make sure that all aspects of our repair were covered by our policy.
Mike Kinsey
United hail pros, is amazing, professional, outstanding customer service they go past the call of duty. Best company ever. I highly recommend.
Natalie Lopez
It was a fast, easy experience that allowed me to get my car back quickly, and with almost no cost.
Nicole Faith
I appreciated the help in getting my car repaired.
Ryan Bricker
They did an amazing job with our hail damaged vehicle. They came to us to evaluate the vehicle.
Sarah Jones
They did an awesome job on my car. The service was outstanding.
Sharon Allred
Fantastic service. The owner of the company came to my house for the estimate the same day I talked to a sales rep.
Zach Ettelman

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