#1 Car Painting Repair Technicians in Arvada, CO #1 Car Painting Repair Technicians in Arvada, CO

#1 Car Painting Repair Technicians in Arvada, CO

Offering free damage assessment and free valet service, United Hail Pros is the preferred car body paint shop in the state of Colorado. We schedule to get your vehicle in our shop within 72 hours.


The paint used on cars is not the same paint you would find at a local store. These paints get used for both decoration and protective purposes. New technology allows for some repairs to be completed without the use of car paint.  An example is paintless dent repair, which manipulates the metal versus filling it in and painting it.

The most commonly used type of car paint is a water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel. Professionals should only use these types of paint.

Signs You Need Car Painting Services

United Hail Pros has come across a lot of different reasons that customers need car paint restoration. In most circumstances, a good paint job on your car can help maintain the health of the car’s body too.

  • Accidents. Accidents have the potential to cause minor or significant damage to your car. From a little scratch to replacing an entire portion, having a professional to handle the car painting can get your car looking natural again soon.
  • Fading Paint. The weather has a lot of adverse effects on the paint job of a car. Sun and even snow can cause the paint to fade. 
  • Peeling Topcoat. There is a clear coat that is placed on top of the paint of your car. When this begins to peel, it can cause the paint to chip.
  • Deep Scratches and Rust. When the paint is chipped off of your vehicle or the metal is exposed to a scratch, it can cause the vehicle to begin to rust. It is vital to your car’s lifespan to get car paint repair at the first sign of scratches and exposed metal.

Reasons to Use Professional Car Painting Services

Here are the main reasons why a professional is the best choice: 

  • Professionals and paint shops have the correct equipment to complete the job
  • Painting a car requires a specific skill set that is taught to professionals
  • Computers that help with paint matching
  • Professionals have the proper car body paint shop with ventilation for safe execution
  • Dispose of the materials in an environmentally safe way 

United Hail Pros offer car painting services to keep your car looking its best. For an estimate or to schedule your appointment in our shop, call us at 303.669.9963.

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First time ever having to use my insurance for hail damage, Jason and Roth surprised me with how professional a company can be! Roth went above and beyond for…
Chris I.
I highly recommend United Hail Pros for anyone’s hail repair needs. Their staff is friendly, their work is not only professional but also fairly priced.
John Myers
This company is so hands-on, at first, it made me a little nervous like their process was just too good to be true.
Korrin Shafer
United saved me and my wife quite a bit of time by working with our insurance company to make sure that all aspects of our repair were covered by our policy.
Mike Kinsey
United hail pros, is amazing, professional, outstanding customer service they go past the call of duty. Best company ever. I highly recommend.
Natalie Lopez
It was a fast, easy experience that allowed me to get my car back quickly, and with almost no cost.
Nicole Faith
I appreciated the help in getting my car repaired.
Ryan Bricker
They did an amazing job with our hail damaged vehicle. They came to us to evaluate the vehicle.
Sarah Jones
They did an awesome job on my car. The service was outstanding.
Sharon Allred
Fantastic service. The owner of the company came to my house for the estimate the same day I talked to a sales rep.
Zach Ettelman

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